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Henry Bantam. Bank robber. Noose dodger. They say Bantam was shot dead outside Elksville and a lightning strike knocked him right back to his feet, alive again. They say Bantam's boots melted and the bullets ran out the holes in his chest like prairie dogs fleeing a flooded burrow.

It's 'cause Bantam went down to the crossroads, they say. Made a Deal. Gave up something awful powerful in exchange for the fastest gun. For uncanny luck. For eyes in the back of his head. 

They say a lot of things.

. . .

They say there's a bounty on his head. 

DEVIL, AIM FOR ME is a Weird West incursion rooted in Trophy Dark. Don't know Trophy Dark? No problem! All the rules you need are contained within. 

This is a collaborative play-to-lose RPG scenario about bounty hunters on a doomed expedition in a hostile world.  It is very likely that all of them will die or—at best—be permanently scarred and haunted, destroyed by their desire. 

If that sounds like a good time, then saddle up. Bantam's out there. Find your fortune.


If you want a physical copy, head over to Cold Hearth Collective.


"Fantastic take on Trophy Dark, from the reframing of Rituals to "Becoming Myth" to the brilliant escalating Conditions (It Gets Worse). If, like me, you're drawn to horror more than Westerns, you'll be delighted. And horrified." 

     - Gabriel Robinson (Candlelight)

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Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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Ran it twice now. Love everything about incursion. Especially the leading questions are so spot on. It makes running this incursion so easy. Also the transition into a weird west genre suits trophy dark so nicely.


Beautiful work, and I love the idea of a playlist of mood music!


This is great and if you like Trophy Dark or westerns or story games or, you know, just cool stories, you should grab this.
Full disclosure, I'm a friend of the creator and Ivdid the layout, so I might be a little biased, but only a little. I promise.