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Ever purchased a rules-light (or "rules-lite") RPG, only to be disappointed when your game ends up presenting a situation not covered by the rules?

Well fret no more, friend-o! We have an elegant solution for any and all RPG scenario sticking points. Never again let rules-light supply a rules fright!

NOTE: This product is a single image. You can see it over there in the preview. Don't pay money for this unless you truly enjoy the thought of the creator having some of your money.

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AuthorMichael Van Vleet


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This is truly a great addition to every person who struggles with rules light RPGs. Sometimes you don't know whether something should be interesting or something different but also very interesting. We've all been there!

Thank you Micheal Van Vleet! You are a saviour to all GMs everywhere!


the sheer sass of this is gonna knock me out ...!