Warmer, More Pleasant

Whereas version 1 of A WARM AND PLEASANT HUM required you to obtain a copy of the Trophy Dark rules, thanks to Jesse Ross and the available SRD at https://trophyrpg.com/ we have expanded HUM to include all the rules you need to run the scenario. With this newly redesigned version 2, it is now a self-contained gaming experience!

The layout has also been expanded and improved thanks to the amazingly talented Natalie Ash (@theNatalieAsh on Twitter / https://byemberandash.itch.io/). 

We're in better shape now for an eventual print run, as well. 

We hope you enjoy the improvements!


Warm_and_Pleasant_Hum_by_Michael_Van_Vleet_v.2.pdf 1 MB
Jul 18, 2020

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